Our expertise

Principal expertise

A wide range of professional qualifications and experience is available for missions abroad in:

- General management                                                      
- Administration 
- Information technology 
- Human resources management 
- Insurance 
- Commercial law 
- Market studies 
- Import-export 
- Production and logistics, …

Sectors of activity


Currently, BSC International has about 100 experts qualified in such sectors as:

- Agriculture: potato farming, plantations (esp. coffee, tea, bananas), post-harvest preservation, deep-freezing. Horticulture. Forests and green areas. Bovine, pig, horse breeding
- Ecology
- Metallurgy, iron, copper. Steel wire and cord extrusion
- Construction. Electrical heavy equipment transformers. Petroleum exploration, oil refining
- Electro-technology
- Chemicals and chemical specialties, polyether’s, polyurethanes, fertilizers.  Electro-ceramics. Plastics
- Pharmaceuticals, bio-technology
- Environment, water and air pollution
- Tourism
- ISO quality control, environmental control, information technology and systems. Process analysis
- Management strategy: international and domestic marketing strategy, medium-long term corporate development strategy, reorganization SME’s
- Finance, accountancy